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Feature: Product Configurator Tool

Introducing the Product Configurator tool – a hidden superhero (sounds like one too, doesn’t it?) of the Sage eCommerce platform.

Do you know why we call it a superhero? Because it serves one key User Experience aspect: Customization.

The ability to build, shape or change an order is an extremely unique opportunity that engages and retains customers long term.

So here is a scenario:

You are a bike manufacturer. You offer a range of different bikes, with different frames, accessories, gears, etc. You offer all of these products on your eCommerce platform under their respective categories.

When customers come to your site, they go into each category, pick the respective products and put them into the cart. Now let’s say a customer was interested in combining three different product parts (in a way they haven’t before) to see if it worked for them.

They would probably have to place all the products, with their respective quantities, into the cart. Then they would calculate the total cost by roughly dividing a bunch of numbers to give them an idea of the cost per bike.

Fact: Not a lot of people like math.

Enter the Product Configurator – a tool that allows your customer to build out the product and calculate the total cost, automatically!

Here is a short video from our demo store showing how it works:

We also have two really cool clients that use the Product Configurator in very different ways.

Here is Kernel Season’s Product Configurator.

Kernel Seasons Product Configurator.png

In this example, Kernel Season’s had a ‘buy 4 and get 1 free’ promotion for which they allowed their customers to pick the flavours of all five popcorn packs! Here, the Product Configurator helps the customer customize their order by picking their favourite popcorn flavours, as well as calculates the free popcorn based on the choices (the lowest priced popcorn is discounted as free).

Another example (often seen in B2B) is from Ennco:

ennco product configurator.png

Ennco has a slightly more complex configurator allowing the customer to customize their Wall Panels and Acrylic Ice Panels by colour and frame support. Again, the total cost is displayed right under the table. Since B2B customers might be ordering in larger quantities, they can change the quantity before adding it to the cart as well.

The Product Configurator is highly configurable! You can group the options in tabs, you can choose the way the customer selects the options (dropdown, checkbox, radio), default values or even manage incompatibilities. It is a feature that can help your eCommerce store set itself apart from the competition and this feature can be used for a ton of different situations to enhance your customers’ experience and drive incremental revenue for your business.

Interested in implementing the Product Configurator tool? Watch the following step-by-step tutorial and reach out to us with your questions.


Emmanuel Mouchel

Explorer . Gastronome . Sports Enthusiast .

Sage eCommerce Product Manager

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