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#FeatureFriday: Multi-language

Welcome back to another #FeatureFriday! This week we are going to be talking about the one feature that enables our customers to go global in a much easier and friendlier way – Multi-language Websites!

So here is the situation:

You are growing! You are bigger than ever and you are expanding to different parts of the world. You could keep your English language website for all the new countries – OR – you could personalize the experience and provide them with a website in the respective languages.

Let us tell you, in our experience, the latter option has proven to have a consistently better response from customers.

In this global economy, it’s essential you approach all customers in the language they are comfortable in, especially if:

– You operate in a country with multiple languages

– You sell products or services worldwide

– Want to reach more of your target audience

So let’s dive right into the benefits and implementation of the Multi-language feature.

Within the Sage eCommerce platform it is possible to host your website in several different languages without having to create a completely different site altogether.

Why is this beneficial?

– One platform, no hassle – You are dealing with one platform, one host and one implementation specialist that will walk you through everything. No multiple host providers, domains or customer service teams.

– Consistent user experience – You have worked hard on establishing and strengthening your brand. It is crucial that all your online platforms (including multiple language websites) provide a consistency in branding and user experience. This is true for your customers and your team alike. Your team has a lot more access and ease in sharing information worldwide if they are all using the same back-end!


Here is how the Multi-language feature looks when implemented:

Here is a page on the XM Developments website in English:

Multi-language - Sage eCommerce


Here is the same page in French:

Multi-language - Sage eCommerce


What languages does Sage eCommerce support?

You can localize your Sage eCommerce website into any language that you wish to.

We support the following languages for the back-end of the platform (includes general on-site menus and back-end menus)

– English

– French

– Portuguese

– Spanish

– Italian

Check out this great Helpdesk article on how to implement and enable the multi-language feature. Need a little more help? Contact us for details!


Emmanuel Mouchel

Explorer . Gastronome . Sports Enthusiast .

Sage eCommerce Product Manager



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