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#FeatureFriday: Promotions

Hello and welcome back to another #FeatureFriday!

The feature we are covering today is beloved by all and a wonderful way to attract new customers to your eCommerce platform: Promotions!

Everybody loves discounts and putting money back in their pocket! Not only are promotions a great way to attract new customers, but they are also a great way to invite your current customer base to pay a visit to your eCommerce store again.



Here are three reasons you should be using promotions on your eCommerce store:


1) Attract a new customer base: There are a significant number of people that drive their buying decisions on the basis of the presence and quality of the promotion being offered. If your eCommerce store is seasonal or has slower months, use promotions to keep your web traffic high and encourage the ‘sale customer base’ to engage with your product line!


2) Have a reason to say hello: Promotions are a great way to get in touch with your customer base again. You want to keep your customer base engaged at all times so that your brand is always on the tip of their tongue. Not only does this encourage a stronger buyer’s intent, but it also increases customer referrals. Who doesn’t like to share a good promotion?


3) Be reactive in real time: Promotions help you manage your inventory better. Have a lot of stock for a particular product? Create a promotion to accelerate the sales and optimize your inventory rotation and costs!



So how does the Promotions feature work in Sage eCommerce?


B2B or B2C?

The Promotions feature was built to target big market segments as well as small groups of (or individual) customers. For this reason, this feature allows you to separate B2B promotions from B2C ones. You could offer a promotion exclusively to B2B or B2C customers depending on your goals.


Customer Segments:

You can also segment further by offering the promotion to a certain group of customers within your B2B or B2C market segments. This is extremely useful for testing different customer segments to see what clicks with them. Once you know your customers better, you are in a great position to provide them with what they want!


Tailored Promotions:

Need to create a promotion that a single customer can use one time? No problem. Want a promotion to run during a specific period of time? Done! Want to offer promotions based on products, on cart amount or more? We can do that. Apply a promotion to shipping options? Possible! Want to create a set of promotions for a campaign you are running and generate them together? Sure, you can do that with batch promotions. The promotions feature is extremely flexible and very user friendly.



Here is how you can implement the promotions feature in your Sage eCommerce platform:


1) Decide on what promotions you would like to offer to your customers: You can set up public or dealer (B2B or B2C) promotions under the Promotions tab.


Promotions Tab


2) Once you have decided what kind of promotion you would like to offer, click on ‘create new promo’ and you will be directed to the screen below:


Promotion - Set your promo.png

You can select the name, percentage and type of discount, the usage limit and the duration of the promotion here. Once you are done, click on the Apply button at the top and that’s it!

The promotion creation tool is super easy to use and very intuitive. It is made to make this process as fast and as efficient as possible for you and your team!

And you can automatically display all available promotion codes on your website to help your customers find the best deals! Or email them separately if you prefer.


3) Sage eCommerce develops a report of all the promotions you have used to help you understand what promotions have worked and which ones have not. These analytics are crucial to the promotions feature as it can help give you insight into how your customer base works and what inspires them to make a purchase. Having an idea of which promotions work best can also help save you money – no more running poor performing promotions!


Promotions - Analytics.png


So let’s get your customer base engaging with your eCommerce platform again via the promotions feature. If you would like our help with setting this feature up, let us know.

Want a seamlessly integrated eCommerce solution? Email us at



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