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#FeatureFriday: Access Multiple Accounts with a Single Login

Hello and welcome back to another #FeatureFriday!


For the past few #FeatureFridays, we have been focusing on an important stakeholder of your eCommerce business – your customer.

Today, we are going to be talking about an equally important stakeholder – your team – the people that make the magic happen!

In order for your team to be able to do their best, they need access to information. This includes customer details such as past orders with updated statuses, transaction histories, customer pricing lists and inventory information.



How do you provide this information to your team in the quickest way possible?


You can provide your team access to multiple accounts through their personal account. This is exactly what today’s feature does!


Allow your team to gain access to your customer accounts with their own logins and get the right information at the right time.



What can your team do with the ‘Access multiple accounts with a single login’ feature?


1) Sales representatives can get accurate, real-time information on inventory and customer pricing making it easy for them to place and process an order.


2) Sales and customer service representatives can place orders on behalf of customers from any device, anywhere, anytime!


3) Customer service representatives can easily answer account-related questions such as payment status, order status or shipping status – enhancing the customer service experience by ten fold!


4) For customers that have multiple AR (accounts receivable) accounts, your team can access all accounts with a single login!



How do you Implement this feature?


Here is an instructional video on how you would set up a sales rep access account in the Sage eCommerce platform. A sales rep access account allows the user to access the information for the customers they are assigned to, make limited admin edits as well as switch between different accounts – all with their personal login.

*Switch on audio or skip to 0:18 to skip the introduction



Can’t access the video? No worries – you can always check our Helpdesk article on how to create a new user. The article outlines all the steps covered in the video above.



How does your team use this feature?


Now that you have set up a sales rep user, check out our Helpdesk article on how your team can use this feature. This article will explain how a sales rep can switch between their personal account and different customer accounts!


As always, we are here to help. Shoot us an email at to get help setting up this feature in your Sage eCommerce platform!



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