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#FeatureFriday: Product Finder


Hello and welcome back to another #FeatureFriday!

Here is a mantra to follow:


Happy prospects = Happy customers


Now, you might say “But I don’t know my prospects – how am I supposed to make them happy?”

Fair point. A prospect has visited your eCommerce platform for the first time and you have no idea what they are looking for, what products they might be interested in, what part of the website is most relevant to them or whether they would buy at all.

So, how do you make them happy?


By making things simple.


When a prospect lands on your website, there is a good chance they’ve arrived with an idea of what they want. Maybe with a couple of options in their head of what product would suit them best. Now you can offer them one of two experiences:


1) Messy: They come to your website and are faced with your entire catalog. They are given no direction on how to segment the products and find what they are looking for. They spend most of their time trying to find the right products and eventually get frustrated and leave to find a better user experience.


2) Simple: They come on to your website and find a multitude of ways in which they can find the product they are looking for. They find the right information (blog posts, most ordered products and more) as well as different ways to segment products, including today’s feature, the Product Finder!


We knew you would pick option 2. In the past we have covered several ways in which you can help your site visitors segment products, including Faceted Navigation. Today we are going to be talking about the Product Finder – a feature that allows your website visitors to segment their products and view only the products they are interested in

So let’s get into this edition of #FeatureFriday!


How does it work?


Your visitors select different criteria, according to what they are looking for, and get the catalog filtered according to their needs.

Here is a short video on how the Product Finder works – featuring our amazing client Batteries Expert.



Simple, right? If your site visitor is looking for a battery for their phone, it makes no sense to show them batteries for their car. With the Product Finder, you give your visitors the freedom to segment your catalog the way that they would prefer. For your customer it means they are able to quickly and easily find the right battery for their needs. Now that’s a great eCommerce experience!


So, how can you implement this feature?


1) The Product Finder can be configured with several depth-levels. In simple language, you can have several segments that you can categorize your catalog into. These depth-levels can simply be laid out in an Excel spreadsheet that is imported right into the Sage eCommerce platform.

Here is an example of such segmentation:

*Note that you can export a sample file from Sage eCommerce platform to help you.


Batteries Expert - Product Finder Excel.PNG


The highlighted numbers are the 5 depth-levels Batteries Expert categorized their catalog into. In the above screenshot, the first segment is the type of device (Cars and Trucks), the second segment is the year of the automobile, the third segment is the name of your car company (Cadillac), the fourth segment is the model/version (CTS, SRX or STS) and the last is the type of battery you can get!


2) Import your Excel file into the Product Finder. Here is how you import the excel file in the back end:

System → Modules → Product Finder → Import





3) Add the Product Finder module to the page you prefer!




That’s it! You are done.


The Product Finder is an extremely popular feature, enjoyed alike by our clients and their customers. The ease of implementation and usage makes it one of the easiest ways to improve online customer experience.


If you need help with setting up this #FeatureFriday, give us a shout at We would love to help!




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