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#FeatureFriday: Gift Registry

Hello and welcome back to another #FeatureFriday!


This Friday we are talking about Gift Registries!


Who doesn’t love gift registries? The people creating one end up getting gifts they actually want and the people responsible for giving gifts give things that will actually get used!

Everyone is happy!


Now, wouldn’t it be even better if this could all be done online through eCommerce instead of multiple visits to the store?

If you listen very carefully, you would hear a resounding, albeit quiet, YES!


There are a couple of benefits that make Gift Registry a great feature:


1) No retail hours or geographical limitations – An eCommerce gift registry allows your customer’s long distance friends and relatives to still purchase the registry gifts from your eCommerce store instead of going somewhere local. They can also do this from anywhere, at anytime making the whole process extremely easy.


2) Promote your store: With hosting online gift registries, you expose your brand and your webstore to an entirely new audience brought in by your gift registry customers. You grow your reach, increase your sales and possibly gain a few new customers – all with zero marketing efforts!


3) User Experience: If there is a way to improve the user experience of your eCommerce store – we say take it! Here are some of the ways in which you improve the user experience for your customers:

– Allow your customers to manage their gift registry online. They can increase the quantity of a product or remove a product they no more want.

– Your customers and their friends can see what products have already been purchased preventing 4 of everything.

– With one click, the gift is purchased, wrapped and shipped to the correct address making this whole process temptingly convenient.


How do you set-up Gift Registry in the Sage eCommerce platform?


1) A Sage eCommerce administrator can create a gift registry and assemble a list of items and quantities that the customer would like in their gift registry. While creating the gift registry, the administrator can add in a default ship-to address (as provided by the customer) to ensure all the items reach the correct destination.


Create Registry:

gift registry 2


Add items to the gift registry:

gift registry 3

gift registry 3


2) They can then attach this list to an event and add in the customer as a registrant (people that can manage the Gift Registry) as requested by the customer. The registrants then provide a ship-to address in order to get all gifts delivered to the right place.


gift registry - types of events

3) The event guests can now go and purchase these items online through the web store! This list can be found through a search engine.




Gift registry is one of the easiest features to set up in the Sage eCommerce platform and there is a great Helpdesk article that outline the entire process and goes into more detail!


Have questions or want help? Let us know and we would love to help you set this feature up!




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