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New Feature: Order Documents Synchronization

We are excited to introduce you to a BRAND NEW Sage eCommerce add-on feature:

Order Documents Synchronization


What is it?

Simply put, Order Documents Synchronization allows your customers to have 24/7, secure access to all order documents through their online Sage eCommerce account. These order documents can be attached to any customer order in your Sage solution and will be synchronized from any server with the Sage eCommerce platform through an Amazon S3 storage.

These documents can include custom invoices, credit card receipts, shipping notes, proof of delivery, videos, T&Cs and more!

Here is a schema that explains, in high level detail, how Sage eCommerce synchronizes documents from your Sage solution using Amazon S3.




For a more detailed breakdown on how this feature works and how it is set up, check out our Helpdesk article!


The Customer Perspective

In the next few steps, we will walk you through how a customer would find and download the custom order documents within the Sage eCommerce platform. It is important to remember that the custom order documents are added and generated in your Sage solution (or by you in any other way) and are synchronized through an Amazon S3 bucket – these documents are not generated or stored on the Sage eCommerce platform.

For our example, we will be meeting our amazing client, Socomore and our always reliable customer, Mr Customer Test.

Mr Test has been a client with Socomore for the last two years and has placed several orders with them. Socomore has recently enabled the Order Documents Synchronization feature in their Sage eCommerce platform, giving Mr Test access to several documents related to his orders.

Here is how Mr Test can access these documents:


1) He first navigates to the site and logs in as a registered customer


https socomoretest eu xmsymphony com user login



2) Then he clicks on the ‘Account’ button to access his account information and previous order history.


Admin page.png



3) This brings him to the page below where he can see all of his account information including past orders, quotes, saved carts and…Docs! In the image below, the docs can be found under the ‘Document Link’ column and are highlighted in yellow:


Where to find docs.png


Mr Test can now access custom order documents available to him via Order Documents Synchronization. 


4) Once Mr Test clicks on the ‘Docs’ link, he will be prompted with a pop-up window displaying all the documents that are available for downloading. In the example below, Socomore provides Mr Test with four custom order documents: a certificate of conformance, a delivery receipt, a commercial invoice and a regular invoice.


What does docs pop up look like.png



5) Mr Test can download any of these documents with a simple click on the link! Mr Test decides to download the regular invoice to his desktop computer. This is the document that he obtains:


What does the invoice look like.jpg


Just for comparison, here is the invoice Mr Test would have obtained if Order Document Synchronization was not enabled. This document is auto-generated by the Sage eCommerce platform and allows for minimal customization.




That’s a big difference, right?


Why Order Documents Synchronization?

The level of customization that Order Documents Synchronization provides, permits you to create customer order documents that represent your brand, partnering businesses and additional information. This is not included in the invoice that is auto-generated by the Sage eCommerce platform.

This feature is also an extremely simple and convenient way for your customers to have 24/7, secure access to their order documents if and when needed.

If you would like to improve user experience and provide your customers with 24/7, secure access to all relevant order documents, then Order Documents Synchronization is for you!


Want to enable this feature? Have more questions? Shoot us an email at and we would be happy to help!




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