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#FeatureFriday: Item Suggestion

Hello and welcome back to another #FeatureFriday! Today we are going to be talking about a key eCommerce strategy that strengthens buying decisions and is a great way to push complementary products. This feature can be seen on various big eCommerce retailers such as Amazon, eBay and Wayfair. Today we are going to be talking … Continue reading “#FeatureFriday: Item Suggestion” ... Read More

#FeatureFriday: WordPress Integration

Hello and welcome back to the first #FeatureFriday of 2018! Today we are going to be talking about a crucial feature that is often overlooked – WordPress Integration. A blog is a great resource to increase product awareness, improve your on-site SEO and educate your customers. However, it is counter-productive if your blog and your … Continue reading “#FeatureFriday: WordPress Integration” ... Read More

#FeatureFriday: Personalizing Customer Journeys

Hello and welcome back to another #FeatureFriday! With more and more B2B companies getting into the eCommerce world, there is now a dire need for an eCommerce platform to support the needs of both B2B and B2C customers. The challenge is your B2B customers do not follow the same  journey as your B2C customers. So … Continue reading “#FeatureFriday: Personalizing ... Read More

To Integrate or Not to Integrate?

In today’s fast moving eCommerce space, there are a few giants that are capturing mind share. In nearly every conversation a company has about implementing eCommerce, the first question that the eCommerce selection team often asks is, “What big name eCommerce platform should we use?” That’s the wrong question. The right first question is, “What … Continue reading “To Integrate or Not to ... Read More

#FeatureFriday: Faceted Navigation

Hello and welcome back to another #FeatureFriday! Today we will be talking about Faceted Navigation: a way to improve online catalog browsing. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to find a product that you are looking for. You know it exists and that the company offers it – so where is it?! … Continue reading “#FeatureFriday: Faceted Navigation” ... Read More

#FeatureFriday: Integration

Hello and welcome back to another #FeatureFriday! What we are discussing today has transformed the way our customers interact with their eCommerce and Sage ERP platforms. This feature has given us a strong competitive edge in the eCommerce industry and we believe it has been integral to our mission. Today we are going to be … Continue reading “#FeatureFriday: Integration” ... Read More

User Experience Design: The Recipe For Happy Customers

User Experience (UX) design is a term you might have seen floating around the internet. Are you wondering what it is and how it applies to your company? Here is a quick UX guide to help kickstart your UX strategy! Your company creates user experiences every day. UX design helps you gain insight and understanding … Continue reading “User Experience Design: The Recipe For Happy ... Read More

#FeatureFriday: Shipping Rate Calculator

Hello and welcome back to another #FeatureFriday! Today’s Feature Friday focuses on shipping – in particular – how you can automate shipping rate calculation for your eCommerce store. The shipping rate calculator in the Sage eCommerce platform is a simple tool that helps your customers get a real-time, accurate calculation of shipping costs. It works … Continue reading “#FeatureFriday: Shipping Rate Calculator” ... Read More

Digital Transformation: Are You Ready?

In case you were wondering, there’s no need. eCommerce is a disruptive technology. With no industry being immune from the transformative change that is being placed on them by digitalization. It’s changing how they interact with their customers and, more importantly, how their customers want to interact with them. According to a recent B2B Buy-Side … Continue reading “Digital Transformation: Are You ... Read More

#FeatureFriday: Multi-language

Welcome back to another #FeatureFriday! This week we are going to be talking about the one feature that enables our customers to go global in a much easier and friendlier way – Multi-language Websites! So here is the situation: You are growing! You are bigger than ever and you are expanding to different parts of … Continue reading “#FeatureFriday: Multi-language” ... Read More

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