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Sage eCommerce: Intelligent eCommerce for Your Business

Sage B2B eCommerce

In today’s crowded B2B marketplace, your buyers demand an easy and intuitive purchasing experience. The consumerization of your prospects and customers has happened as traditional B2C drives digital behavior and expectations in the B2B marketplace. If you can’t meet their demands, you know your competition will.

With Sage eCommerce you can create an engaging, mobile-optimized experiences to empower your customers and sales staff to place orders on any device, at any time. By improving your customers’ digital experience with real-time integration into your Sage back office platform, you strengthen your relationships with them, lower your order processing costs, and increase incremental revenue.

Purpose built for Sage, Sage eCommerce delivers you a fully-integrated, easy to set up eCommerce solution that is a seamless extension of your Sage back office. With Sage eCommerce for B2B, out-of-the-box functionality includes:

  • Dynamic personalized catalog
  • Customer specific pricing - replicated from Sage
  • Quick order entry form
  • Ability to save Multiple Order templates / saved carts
  • Reorder using current pricing 
  • Mobile shopping cart capability for access via phone/tablet
  • Numerous cross-sell/up-sell features
  • Advanced on-site promotions/coupons
  • Real-time order/ship status
  • Real-time quantity on hand and on purchase order
  • Real-time writing and conversion of a quote to an order 
  • Real-time display of customer transaction history
  • Build to Order rules-based configurator
  • Intuitive content management system to easily manage your online experience
  • Easy-to-use cloud-based eCommerce Console
  • Reps can enter orders remotely
  • Set up web based product categories for easy navigation
  • Advanced on-site search capabilities using Elasticsearch
  • Built-in cross-selling and up selling capabilities
  • Web analytics and SEO capabilities
  • Multi-language and multi-currency options
  • Real-time integration with Sage Payment Systems
  • Payment options: on account, credit card, and PayPal
  • Comprehensive shipping calculation module
  • USPS, UPS, FedEx integration and package tracking
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