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Sage eCommerce: Intelligent eCommerce for Your Business

Digital Marketing & SEO for Sage eCommerce

Sage eCommerce includes everything you’d expect for advanced search engine optimization. Under the hood, the Sage eCommerce SEO-friendly CMS allows you to implement best practices to improve your page rankings, so you get noticed by your target customers:

  • Customizable H1 titles
  • Meta tags
  • Fast page load times
  • Content boosting
  • Re-targeting integration
  • Auto generation of sitemap.xml files
  • Creation of robot.txt files
  • Customizable URLs
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Breadcrumb navigation

Website visit-to-lead conversation ratio is key metric which directly impacts your bottom line. Sage eCommerce can improve your online conversion rates through out-of-the-box features like ultra-fast on-site search, convenient checkout, free-shipping options, and on-site cross sell and up sell promotions, such as “customers who bought this also bought” capabilities. You can also ‘link’ items together to suggest accompanying products using the ‘Associate’ tool in the eCommerce Console.

Google Analytics allows you to understand customer behavior online. Sage eCommerce allows you to take action.

Target your marketing more effectively and drive incremental online revenue with various promotion capabilities…all managed through your eCommerce Console.


Advanced Promotions Management

Customize your customers’ eCommerce experience with:

Smart Promo-Codes

Create promotions in Sage eCommerce for price discounts – all based upon your pre-defined business logic in your Sage back office database.

Complete Control

Create promotional codes for individual items, groups of items or customer groups. You control the start and end dates for your promotions, and have access to detailed performance reporting for each promotion.



Sage eCommerce has a wide array of advertising banners and effective ways to communicate special offers, products, services, or paid adverts to your customers. You can even set notices to appear to different customers at different times or at different stages of the buying cycle, such as when a customer first logs in or when they are looking at a specific product. Now that’s targeted!


Social Network Integration

Sage eCommerce provides you the tools to get your message out socially and for your customers to spread the word, sharing the details about your great products.


WordPress Integration

Running a blog or have ambitions to do so? Sage eCommerce integrates with WordPress to allow you to improve your search rankings, provide value-add content to your customers, and effectively promote your products. 


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