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Sage eCommerce: Intelligent eCommerce for Your Business

Sage Reporting & Analytics for eCommerce

Understanding the performance of your ecommerce channel is critical to both your business success and the satisfaction of your customers. With the flexibility of design and real-time integration into your Sage back office, Sage eCommerce provides you with comprehensive visibility across your entire ecommerce channel.

Sage eCommerce gives you access to business critical data in real-time, so you always know the online performance of your business. And because of the deep integration between your Sage back office and Sage eCommerce, there is zero database duplication. That means the analytics from your eCommerce platform is always the same as the data from your Sage back office solution.

Sage eCommerce leverages the power of Google Analytics so you have access to impactful website usage stats: site visits, page views, bounce rates, average time on site, pages per visit, and percentage of new visits. Google Analytics can also track referral traffic including search engine, direct visits, and the performance of your online marketing campaigns.


The Dashboard provides you with an overview of how your business is performing online. 

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