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Sage eCommerce: Intelligent eCommerce for your Sage Run Business

Sage Shipping Solutions

Sage shipping solutions from Sage eCommerce pulls through all the weights associated with products in your Sage ERP implementation, which can then be passed to shipping carriers to calculate shipping costs in real time. If you have a low number of SKU’s or their sizes and weights are all similar, then you can have shipping as a ‘non-stock item’ in Sage ERP and set a predetermined rate for shipping.

Using the Sage shipping cost administration feature, the option of calculating shipping cost based on value or to provide free shipping for orders in excess of a certain dollar amount is provided.

For more complex shipping requirements an Administrator can add carton sizes and carton prices which can be included in the calculation of shipping charges. Carrier tables can also be imported to Sage eCommerce providing you with a fully integrated Sage shipping solution between your Sage webstore and Sage ERP implementation.

Shipment tracking numbers can be pulled from Sage ERP and displayed within Sage eCommerce with links to the carriers so customers can track shipments. Sage shipping solutions from Sage eCommerce can be enhanced to support customer specific shipping logic

Sage shipping solutions from Sage eCommerce integrate with major carriers including:

  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • USPS
  • DHL
  • Canada Post
  • Royal Mail 
  • Star Track Express 
  • Australia Post
  • AFS


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