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Sage eCommerce: Intelligent eCommerce for the Sage Run Business

Add On Modules


Customize your Sage eCommerce platform with our Add-On Modules



Quick Order with Direct Add to Cart

The Quick Order Module allows your customers to search for items by partial item description or item number, select units of measure if applicable, input quantity for multiple lines of items before adding all to cart.


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Gift Registry

The Gift Registry Module allows a site administrator to create a Gift Registry, typically used for weddings, birthdays and similar events. 

Site users can search for Gift Registry and select items to purchase against the items and quantity of items in the Gift Registry.


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The Multi-Language Module gives you the ability to support multiple languages on your Sage eCommerce platform.


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The Promotions Module allows you to create promotions that can be dollar based, % based or Buy X/Get Y free. They can have a time frame, no time frame, one to use, multi-use. Such promotions can be for B2B or B2C customers and can only be activated by a user entering a promotion code.  


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Custom B2B Registration with Auto Create AR Account

The Custom B2B Registration Module facilitates the automatic creation of a new Sage AR account once your customer has both registered and placed an order, streamlining the process for future transactions.


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Access Multiple Accounts with Single Login

This Module allows your sales reps to place orders, view order status, and view transaction history on behalf of their customers. For your customers that have more than one AR account, they need only log-in once to access all of their accounts.  


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Product Finder    

The Product Finder Module allows your customers to find the products they want faster, improving the online buying experience. The customers select different criteria and get the catalog filtered according to their needs.





Auto Filters on Listing Pages

The Auto Filters Module enables you to hide products customers are not interested in, or shouldn’t see, on all category and search results pages.


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Rules Based Configurator

The Rules Based Configurator Module enables you to create a configurable product made of several items. You can establish rules to determine what items can be grouped together to form a valid configuration.





Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing Module provides you with integration with MailChimp for newsletter management and Magnetic for product recommendations.





Split Shipping

The Split Shipping Module gives you multiples means for how you can configure Sage eCommerce to handle split shipping (one web order creates multiple sales orders): split by different ship-to or split by warehouse.




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