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Sage eCommerce : un système de commerce électronique intelligent pour les entreprises qui utilisent Sage

E-commerce B2C


Extend your brand to your Sage eCommerce platform.



Integrate your Sage ERP to your eCommerce platform.


Over 40 tables from Sage are synchronized with Sage eCommerce with data updates occurring when data is changed in Sage X3. Tables synchronized with Sage eCommerce include warehouse details, customer address books, pricing, sales and purchase order details, payment terms, products SKUs, and product inventory. It also writes web orders, web quotes, and payment details to Sage in real-time.

If for any reason the connection is dropped between Sage and the Sage eCommerce platform, the system will automatically restore connectivity and re-sync data from when it last replicated. During any connection loss, Sage eCommerce will continue to take orders so a connection problem is never a revenue problem for your business.

Our proprietary replication process is what truly sets Sage eCommerce apart from other eCommerce solutions. Easy to set-up, it is why Sage eCommerce is the fastest growing eCommerce platform for Sage customers.





Build positive user experiences with Sage eCommerce templates.


Sage eCommerce has been developed with mobility in mind, utilizing Responsive Design. Sage eCommerce has an optional, built-in mobile sales/web order entry module that allows your sales team to digitally interact with your customers using a device of their choice, wherever they may be.

We have a variety of creative, built-in Sage templates that come standard with Sage eCommerce. However, if you are looking for something a little more unique, we can work with you and your team to implement an original custom theme that accurately reflects and reinforces the uniqueness of your brand for your Sage eCommerce solution.



Transform the eCommerce experience with additional customizable features.



Every business is unique. That’s way with Sage eCommerce, you have the flexibility with customizable features that enhance the overall eCommerce experience for you, your business, and your customer.

With the Promotions module, you can set up promotions that are dollar based, % based, or Buy X/Get Y free. They can have a time frame, no time frame, one to use, or multi-use.

Looking to expand into global markets? With the multi-language feature you have the ability to switch your current website to another language without the need for building a brand new website for each language. Same host, same platform - different languages.

Want to give your customer the ability to build their own product? Enable the Rules-Based Configurator and bring in the ability to build customizable products.