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Manage your eCommerce Platform

Manage your eCommerce platform


Easily and seamlessly extend your Sage back office to your eCommerce platform.



Build easily with our Content Management System.


Content is king! And within the eCommerce Console, the CKEditor CMS tool (use either an HTML or WYSIWIG interface) allows you to create and manage content for your Sage eCommerce platform. With the grid-based intuitive page designer, content management has never been so easy!

With the powerful of Sage eCommerce, you can include widgets straight to your page, in one click:

  • Image Carousel

  • Hot Deals

  • Newsletter

  • YouTube video

  • Ask Nicely recommendations




Tailor your product catalog for eCommerce


With your eCommerce platform integrated with your Sage ERP solution, making your product catalog eCommerce friendly has never been easier.  Quickly and easily add marketing content and product images. And because it is integrated, information like product names, prices, and inventory in your online product catalog is directly ported from your Sage ERP solution, meaning it is always up-to-date.

With Sage eCommerce, you have the flexibility to show the same product in different size and colour options, known as variants, or create bundled offering so you sell kits.

Make your product catalog easier to search by creating “smart filters” based on price, brand name, stock availability, or create a custom smart filter based on your customers’ search habits. A product easier to find is a product easier to buy.

Finally, add some features that will optimize your sales, such as product reviews, product comparison or product recommendations.





Segment your offer for your B2B and B2C customers


Thanks to Sage eCommerce, you can manage a completely separated version of your store for B2B or B2C, with different product lines, contents or payment methods. You can even fine tune the eCommerce experience for each different user group and customize the display and the permissions.

Also, you can provide your sales rep with the ability to place orders on behalf of their customers and get all relevant information in terms of products visibility and pricing.



Drive your customers smoothly into the purchase process

Give your customers up-to-date shipping rates by creating custom shipping rules or by getting shipping costs in real time from major carriers including:

  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • USPS
  • DHL
  • Royal Mail 
  • Star Track Express 
  • Australia Post
  • AFS

Shipment tracking numbers can be pulled from Sage ERP and displayed within Sage eCommerce with links to the carriers so customers can track shipments.




Give your customers secure payment options


With Sage eCommerce you can configure different payment settings for customer and guest orders, define payment terms, restrict payment methods. In addition to that, your customers can view their orders, with an up-to-date status, their invoices, and pay open invoices online using a credit card, 24/7, securely.
We support the following payment methods, as well as an 'On Account' option!

  • Sage Exchange
  • Sage Pay UK
  • Sage Pay South Africa
  • E-xact Payment Solutions
  • PayPal Payflow Pro
  • PayPal Credit Card Processing
  • PayPal Express
  • DPS PxPost
  • My Gate Enterprise