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Optimize your eCommerce platform

Optimize your eCommerce platform


Optimize your Sage eCommerce platform to improve online conversion rates.



Search Engine Optimization


The Sage eCommerce platform provides you with all the resources to optimize your eCommerce store.

  • Customizable Title tags, Meta descriptions and URL's
  • Customizable H1, H2 and H3 tags
  • Faster page speeds and page load times
  • Integrated breadcrumb navigation
  • Auto Generation of sitemap.xml files
  • In-built Google Analytics integration
  • Robot.txt file generation
  • In-built re-targeting capabilities

Sage eCommerce can improve your online conversion rates through out-of-the-box features like ultra-fast on-site search, convenient checkout, free-shipping options, and on-site cross sell and up sell promotions, such as “customers who bought this also bought” capabilities. You can also ‘link’ items together to suggest accompanying products using the ‘Associate’ tool in the eCommerce Console.




Promote and Connect.


Social Network Integration

Sage eCommerce provides you the tools to get your message out socially and for your customers to spread the word, sharing the details about your great products.


WordPress Integration

Running a blog or have ambitions to do so? Sage eCommerce integrates with WordPress to allow you to improve your search rankings, provide value-add content to your customers, effectively promote your products and keep your customers on-site.




Get real-time analytics.


Understanding the performance of your eCommerce channel is critical to both your business success and the satisfaction of your customers. With the flexibility of design and real-time integration into your Sage back office, Sage eCommerce provides you with comprehensive visibility across your entire eCommerce channel.

Sage eCommerce leverages the power of Google Analytics so you have access to impactful website usage stats.

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