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Sage eCommerce: Intelligent eCommerce for Your Business

Sage eCommerce Console

Sage eCommerce includes a full featured self-service portal – the eCommerce Console – providing you with 24x7 access to real-time information replicated directly from your Sage back office database.

With the eCommerce Console you have direct access to:

  • Account Summary & Details
  • Order Templates
  • Transaction History
  • Paid/Unpaid Invoices
  • View/Print Orders
  • Real-time Order Status
  • Active Promotions
  • Preferences
  • Payment Status
  • View invoices & quotes
  • Real-time Quote Status
  • Frequently Purchased Items
  • Order Status
  • Credit Status

All of this in real-time from anywhere via their mobile device. Perfect for sales reps who are constantly on the move.  


The Dashboard gives you a quick overview of the sales and customer activity in your store. It is usually the first page that appears when you login to the eCommerce Console.


The Sales menu is where you can find everything related to processing an order, including current and past sales orders, invoices, shipments, credit memos, customer transactions, and quotes.


The Catalog menu controls everything related to your product catalog, including products, categories, attributes, URL rewrites, product variations, brands, product filters, and uploading product images.


The Promotions menu is where you set up catalog and shopping cart price rules and promo codes. Price rules trigger actions when a set of specific conditions are met.


The System menu includes tools to configure and maintain every aspect of your eCommerce experience. In addition, you can install extensions and manage web services for integration with other applications.


The Multi-language menu allows you to localize your eCommerce experience for the geographies where you do business.

Within the eCommerce Console, the powerful and easy-to-use CKEditor Content Management System is where you can create and manage content for your end-to-end eCommerce experience.

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